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Oklahoma Clone Company

Welcome to The Oklahoma Clone Company!
Your local Oklahoma clone shop

Oklahoma Clone Company

Welcome to The Oklahoma Clone Company!
Your local Oklahoma clone shop

Know what you grow!

cannabis clones for sale Oklahoma
cannabis clones for sale Oklahoma

Know what you grow!

About Us


our Ever-evolving lineup of plants

The Oklahoma Clone Company sprouted up to provide Oklahoma cannabis patients access to the best quality, most sought after and hard-to-get genetics from all over the world.  Our genetic library is now open to the public, with over 40 strains, including landraces, heirlooms, f1s, polyhybrids, and backcrosses to suit any distinguished cannabis taste and medical need. 


Featuring genetics from 20+ of the most well renowned breeders

We offer a wide variety of cannabis genetics from all corners of the globe.  At our store, you'll have access to breeders' genetics that are extremely rare and hard to come by.  Our team has popped thousands of seeds to offer only a handful of the best plants.  We will continue to do this to ensure we are always offering the highest quality genetics for our patient customers.  


Our Promise to You

When  you purchase a clone at our shop, you will know the origins of the plant.  No guesses!  Know the thc/cbd levels expected by researching our offerings.  Find growth habits, and look up genetic background to make sure what you grow is what you want.  Breeders and pollen chuckers can rest assured what they buy is indeed what the label says.  

Cannabis Treatment



Want to sample what a clone produces before you spend 2-4 months growing it?  Our goal is have samples of each clone to show our customers exactly what to expect, to display and set a bar of quality for that particular plant.  Know exactly what you are getting! 


Clones for sale.

If you see a strain on our list that really catches your eye, ask how to pre-order any clone so you can reserve the exact plant you want in advance.  Please be patient!  Your custom clone order usually takes 1-3 weeks, but could be longer.  

grow club


We want our customers to have the best experience growing our plants and will host Grow Club meetups to discuss organic grow methods, tips, tricks, and have Q&A.  Consulting services also available for patients & grow companies.  Please email us for more information.

Grow Suggestions and Menu

Please browse our menu, updated at least once a month.  Be sure to read our grow suggestions when buying a plant from us!

keep updated with us / grow club info

Our Team

serving all Oklahoma Medical cannabis patients

medical cannabis

All licensed Oklahoma medical cannabis patients can access our South Oklahoma City dispensary to view our Oklahoma cannabis clones.  You can purchase on the spot or pre-order if we are out of something you would like.  Ask about our wait list.

Commercial Growers can EMail us for wholesale prices

clones for cannabis growers

Are you a licensed commercial grower or care-taker in Oklahoma looking for quality cannabis clones?  Email us for wholesale prices.  We have Oklahoma clones, grown locally using natural farming methods only!

quality approved plants

quality cannabis tested

All our clones are continually checked for quality.  No weak plants here!  Rest assured your clone will be ready to transplant immediately with no health problems.  *We strongly recommend quaranteening any new plant(s) for a couple days before adding to an existing garden.  

Contact Information

Visit our shop during business hours

Interested in purchasing some Oklahoma clones at our South Oklahoma City shop? Feel free to call or text message a member of our staff directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have about cannabis clones at 405-276-3555.

Oklahoma Clone Company

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